not all remedial massage & myotherapy is the same…


Thea massaging Melanie Wright at Pan Pacs 2014

Our team of exceptional remedial massage and myotherapists specialise in helping the active Gold Coast population get on top of aches, pains, injuries and niggles. It’s true, we do work with some of Australia’s best athletes both at home and abroad, but we also love using our knowledge and skills to help people from all walks of life achieve their health and wellness goals. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals, and we strive to be exceptional at what we do. Here are a few key ways in which you, our clients, can benefit…


We are experienced, highly qualified Therapists with a passion for delivering personalized, exceptional Myotherapy, Sports & Remedial Massage. Our Team regularly engages in professional development sessions to learn new skills and stay in the loop on the latest, effective soft tissue and health and well-being strategies to keep your body in balance.


You receive the benefit of our experience treating elite athletes. Every time our team members have an opportunity to work with an elite sporting team or organization we learn something. It could be a new technique, a new assessment or a new rehab exercise. The beauty of this is many of these newly learned skills can be applied to the wider community. This means that we then have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to our everyday clientele – that’s you!! It also ensures that we are using advanced techniques and gives you the confidence that we know what works.

Thea with Therapy support team hard at work staging camp 2015 Swim Worlds.


We are big on communication, and will work with your doctor, physio, exercise physiologist and other health professionals in “your team” to address your individual needs & help you achieve the best possible outcome/s. Maintaining effective communication between “your team” of key people is super important in achieving your health and wellness goals. At NMN we will follow up with phone calls, emails, face-to-face meetings, and even come along to your gym/physio session if needed, so that our efforts are all aligned and united.


Educating our clients and encouraging them to become self-reliant is a major part of a successful treatment plan. Each individual is ultimately responsible for making their own health, well-being and performance-related choices in life, and hands-on treatment is only one piece of the puzzle. During your consultations at NMN, your therapist will give you insight into what is going on with you, plus advice and guidance on self-care and home exercises that will help you take control of your own health and well-being.


Assessment and planning is paramount if you want to achieve a result. If your therapist does not assess you before, during, and after treatment, then how on earth are they (and you!) going to know where and how to treat you? Treatment planning is also essential and is a natural follow on from assessment. This gives logical structure to your treatment session, plus provides guidance for when to return for a review, and self-maintenance routines (ie- home exercises and other home strategies). Assessment may involve anything from basic movement tests, checking out your posture or more specific orthopaedic/neurodynamic tests .. it depends on what your issues are and what you’re hoping to achieve from your NMN Treatment session/s.


All Team NMN Therapists actively participate in sport and exercise, and receive regular massage/myotherapy. This means we have first-hand knowledge of what it feels like to exercise regularly, to physically push our bodies, and how a technique feels (yep folks this does include dry needling!). If we are unfamiliar with a certain type of exercise or movement pattern then our team can often be seen researching and even participating in said “new” activity!! .. and yes .. this means we definitely need post-exercise treatment to restore balance to the body!

Regardless of your age, fitness or ability level, we can help you recover fast from training, racing and injury, enhance and maintain ideal movement, and improve your performance. If you’re struggling with a debilitating condition like depression, anxiety, PTSD, gut issues, poor sleep, or fibromyalgia, we can also help!

The hands-on techniques that we use will depend on your needs, likes and dislikes. This may include remedial techniques like trigger point therapy, tissue tension, MET and myofascial release and assisted stretching. If needed we also have more advanced techniques like dry needling, myofascial cupping, kinesio-taping and Vagus Nerve Stimulation up our sleeves, and will prescribe corrective exercises as needed to help you achieve your health and performance goals fast.

If you’re looking for quality sports and remedial massage and myotherapy on the Gold Coast then what are you waiting for?

A referral to Team No More Niggles is the greatest compliment that you can give us.