If you’re an athlete looking for accelerated recovery from competition or training, or improved capacity to get through your training sessions, sports specific massage at NMN is what you’re looking for. The Therapists at NMN have significant experience working with athletes of all ages and abilities, and so are uniquely positioned to assist you. Many of our clients are elite or age-group athletes, and rely on us to keep them training and racing at their best. Sport Specific Massage will incorporate Remedial Massage Techniques, but ensure that the application is suited to your sport and your body, and is ideally synced with your training program and phase of training.

As part of our Sport-Specific Services, we will happily communicate with your coach/es and other key people involved in executing your training plan, such as Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sport Psychologist or Physiotherapist to ensure we are working together to help you achieve your goals.